Monday, November 30, 2015

This Miniature Hobbit House Might Just Make You Watch The LOTR Series Over And Over Again

This is definitely something that is worth keeping on your work desk if you like to make people feel inspired when they walk in or walk by. I mean who the heck keeps a "Mini Dwarf House" on their desk?. 
These kinds of things are also difficult to find online from reputable merchants. Usually you find them on Etsy or something. But otherwise, yes, you can still buy them online. Be prepared to pay the price though, here are some in USD, CAD or GBP

Why Make A Chameleon Out Of Crochet When Someone Can Do It For You

Chameleon's usually don't need to be kept as real pets, so why not buy a fake one?. These are "Homemade Crochet Chameleon's", which go for about $26.20 USD, $34.98 CAD or £23.62 GBP. Nothing beats home made stuff though, it's definitely got that hand-made awesomeness to it. 
Chameleons are some of the coolest creatures, with their ability to adapt their skin color to the surface they are crawling on. But unfortunately, these do not change in color. 

Encouragement Is Truly A Requirement, Even In The Smallest Form

There's always more room left for a little bit of encouragement, and that's where these "Miniature Encouragement Cards" come in to play. For around $4.99 USD, $24.00 CAD or £1.95 GBP, you can find some encouragement cards, but unfortunately they aren't all miniature. 

We all need some form of encouragement these days, even if it means your sending that encouragement off to a friend of yours or a family member.

Mini Shot Glasses Might Just Fix Your Evening If Just A Little Bit Of Cocktail Is All You Want

It's never easy when you want a cocktail but only a little bit. So, here's some "Mini Cocktail Shot Glasses", which is perfect for the light drinkers in mind, or also great for extremely short people if they also like cocktails a lot.

According to my current knowledge how ever, these shot glasses were not used by Drarfs in the Lord Of The Rings movies. Check em out in USD, CAD or GBP.

Just Use A Miniature Etch Sketch When Your Waiting In The Doctors Office For Nothing

This, my friends, is the "Mini Etch Sketch". Take one of these with you to the doctors office when you know your going to be waiting longer than usual to get in. People will compliment it, because who the hell owns a miniature etch sketch?.
These go for around $10.99 USD, $17.26 CAD or £10.24 GBP. This can be a choking hazard too so don't swallow it. 

These Grilled Cheese Earings Make Me So Hungry That They Should Never Be Worn Again. I'm Getting Fat Already.

Grilled Cheese is something I thoroughly enjoy on a daily basis, and yes I pretty much do have a really high level of Cholesterol and I am proud of it. But now, someone has now made an invention that will take grilled cheese lovers full attention. These are, "Grilled Cheese Earings". 
 Unfortunately, I cannot find where they are for sale but, definitely check out some alternatives here in USD, CAD or GBP funds.

There's Nothing Like Using A Piano As A Computer Desk.

I don't know why people like to do this but, why not have your computer kept on a Piano if your not using it to play music?. Mac's definitely look nice sitting on top of these but, I just don't feel convinced for myself that I would enjoy it that much. This "Piano Computer Desk" is probably a great way of repurposing an unused piano though. 

 Piano's online in USD CAD or GBP, if you just want a Piano right now.

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